What is improv comedy? Is it different from stand-up comedy?


Improv and stand-up are very different. Improv involves games and scenes where there is no script. The audience provides suggestions which the players must use in the performance. It makes every show unique and exciting, because literally no one knows what will happen.


I am a stand-up comic looking to be booked on a show. Who do I contact?


We occassionally produce stand-up shows, however they are not currently on a regular schedule. If you'd like to be considered for a future date, email your performance clips to admin@firstcoastcomedy.com


Do you have an open mic?


We don't. Improv comedy is different than stand-up comedy. The improv equivalent to an open mic is The Jam, which is a drop-in style workshop for all level - from no experience to seasoned veterans. If you want to try your hand at improv comedy that is a great, low pressure, very fun place to start.


Do your classes have age limits?


Our Improv Comedy 101-301 courses are for folks 18 and over. However we also periodically offer courses titled 'Improv for Middle Schoolers' and 'Improv for High Schoolers'. See our classes page for more info: https://firstcoastcomedy.com/Take-a-Class/


Do you offer workshops for schools or clubs for kids or teens?


We love teaching kids and teens. The skills of improv increase confidence, listening, and teamwork - exactly what young minds need. The best part is, the kids just think they’re having fun! Our instructors have a combined 40+ years of experience teaching youth. Contact us to learn what we can offer your school, club, or youth group. Just email admin@firstcoastcomedy.com


Do your shows have age limits?


It depends on the show.


Our early shows are always “a show for everyone!” Families, kids, dates, business groups, faith-based organizations... literally everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. 


Our late shows are all 21+.


Do you have a bar?


Yes. Our Atlantic Beach location has a bar serving beer and wine, as well as a selection of artisan mixed drinks made from high end wine-based spirits. 


I heard improv is interactive. Will they make me go on stage or make fun of me?


No way. We use audience volunteers, but the key word is "volunteer." We never make fun of audience members or force anyone on stage who doesn't want to come up. However, we promise that if you do volunteer, you'll have a great time and you'll be glad you joined in.


I want to perform in your shows! How do I get booked to play? How do I become part of your cast?


The short answer is, we need to get to know you. If you are local, you should attend jams and/or take class(es) - be a part of the community. We believe in getting to know our performers' personalities, onstage and off. It makes for a more cohesive troupe and higher quality shows.


If you are visiting town and you want to be considered to be a guest in a show, you can email a link to your website, YouTube page etc, with videos of yourself performing improv comedy shows. Here's an example.


Wheelchair Accessibility


If a member of your party uses a wheelchair, we recommend reserving First Row Table 1, Second Row Table 1, or any seats in the Left of Stage area. These seats are all chair-height, can be moved to accommodate the wheelchair, and are on the aisle.


What does your theatre look like on the inside?


Click here to see, in 3-D!