About our classes


“At 72, I was clearly the grandfather of my Improv 101 class. I took it to learn something new as I have no background in improv or acting. At our age, research shows it’s important to keep the mind sharp. That’s exactly what Dave Bogan provided. The class makes you think creatively, react quickly and, most important, have a whole lot of fun. I highly recommend it regardless of age or experience.”


David V. - student


"This class was the most enjoyable and positive team based/class experience I have had in years... I have almost no training in the performing arts or public speaking, and was extremely nervous coming to the first class, but from the start, the atmosphere of the class and the style of the teaching (by the experienced and truly excellent David Bogan) was supportive, uplifting and incredibly fun. Unlike a lot of team activities, particularly sports, there was no sense of competitiveness or negativity, and I really enjoyed working with a wide variety of other participants in the class who came from a wide range of ages, professions, and backgrounds. Each week built upon the last and added new games and improv skills, culminating in a live performance at the end of the class which was a BLAST. I really can't recommend this class enough, and before it was over, I was already signing up for the next."


Mateo J. - student


"The improv classes at First Coast Comedy have been the most fun and enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. Immediately after the first class, I was able to build better social and work relationships. The classes are not only about improv, but learning to say “Yes And” to life. My entire being has been enriched by the folks at First Coast Comedy. Thank you all."


Michael S. - student


"Improv 101 is an excellent way to break up the routine, break into your own confidence, and have a lot of fun doing it. I met new friends and learned a new skill. Highly recommend taking a First Coast Comedy class, if for no other reason than to schedule a few hours of laughs each week!"


Jennifer F. - student


"I can't say enough good things about my experience at First Coast Comedy's Improv classes. All you have to bring is a willingness to try and in return you will feel accepted, encouraged, gain confidence, but, most importantly, you will learn to have fun! Dave's ability to make you feel comfortable while getting you to step out of your comfort zone is second to none. I've learned skills through all 3 courses from basic to advanced that I can apply on and off the stage. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and the memory you can give your family and friends when they will see you perform live. Sign up now!"


Joshua J. - student


"Improv 101 was like playing for 2 hours every week! The games challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone in positive ways. Being 71 years old and retired, I found it exhilarating to learn new skills and to learn new skills I had. The class and show were an absolute blast! So much so that I signed up for the next level!"


Mindy B. - student


"First Coast Comedy's improv classes helped me get out of my head and be more spontaneous, all while learning the basics of Improv from seasoned pro's. Highly recommend it! It's like hanging out and cutting up with good friends."


Marybeth M. - student


"My name is Dan Benaitis. This is an unpaid endorsement for First Coast Comedy and all of its classes. Living through life one might lose their sense of humor through traumas experienced, or losing sight of happiness when focused on a goal. While attending Improv 101, I would full on belly laugh many times during each class. Improv 101 coupled with “The Jam” , a weekly drop in workshop, was so therapeutic for me. I cannot remember laughing, having fun, and enjoying being in the moment so much in my 52 years. This created actual joy in my life. The mantra of “Yes And” started to leak into all other facets of my life. The relationships with my family got better, I received an award from my employer, and my coworkers noticed a positive difference in my attitude. Dave Bogan’s instruction was incredible!!! He gives you the tools and encourages one to use THEIR OWN imagination and creativity in scene building and game play. He truly has the heart of a teacher and the ability to pull one out of their comfort zone in an environment of trust and acceptance. I believe this class could benefit anyone from any background. For me personally the benefits and personal growth obtained from this experience far exceeded any expectations I could have imagined."


Dan B. - student


My first experience with improv was working with Alex. He made me feel comfortable and free to try new things. After a workshop with him, I joined a local improv group. We were able to keep going by using Alex's tips and ideas. Because of his experience teaching and performing improv, Alex has a way of connecting to everyone. From coaching us through simple games to being a supportive scene partner, Alex works with all levels, and I continue to grow and learn from him. 


Jennifer Anderson

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival

Fairbanks, AK


Alex is easily one of the most knowledgeable and direct improv teachers I've been fortunate enough to learn from.  He also maintains that rare balance of professionalism and fun that keeps sessions focused and enjoyable. Highly recommended.


Eric Wright

BOOM CITY Improv (short-form)

Burlington, VT


Alex is an improv veteran and can help you identify what to work on. He's a straight shooter who will keep it real and help you grow while also nurturing the fun part of improv that should really be playful and joyous. Thank you, Alex!


Krtistine Antonsen

Naked and Afraid of Commitment (long-form)

Seattle, WA


I highly encourage everyone to take a class from Alex. He breaks down improv in a way that is accessible, practical, and most importantly, fun!


Paul Ditty

ComedySportz (short-form)

Wood 4 Sheep (long-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex Grindeland has an adamantine enthusiasm for improv. From the silliest cheesiest warm up games to leading precise structured workshops designed to strengthen specific skills. Alex is a direct and caring leader of people who can lead you into the hallowed halls of comedy Valhalla!


Jamie Littlejohn

Telepathic Care Package (long-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex excels at recognizing people's strengths and helping them grow in other areas to be well-rounded players. Alex also does a great job of creating a fun and inclusive environment for improvisers of all levels. 


Winnie Yeung

Facebook Improv Club (long-form & short-form)

Naked and Afraid of Commitment (long-form)

Seattle, WA


What makes Alex stand out is that he combines his exceptional skills, knowledge and experience as an improviser with his deep knowledge on how people learn new skills.  There are many great improvisers out there, and many of them are helpful coaches, but few have Alex's understanding of how the learning process works,  how and what kind of guidance is useful, and how to tailor guidance based on the improviser's needs, skills and goals. 


Tim Essington

ComedySportz (short-form)

Full Disclosure (long-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex is a captivating performer, talented teacher, and awesome collaborator. As a teacher, his feedback is supportive and direct, which I’ve always appreciated as I’ve grown in my improv and sketch development skills. 


Sarah Filman

ComedySportz (short-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex did a fantastic job coaching our fledgling group of improvisers and brought a ton of passion, energy and experience to the table. He is highly inclusive and knows how to make scenes pop with creative games and excellent tips. I heartily recommend him as a phenomenal improv coach!


Nic Allen

Facebook Improv Club (long-form & short-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex coached an improv team I was on and the thing he consistently did was to help us climb down out of our heads and be dumb in a way that audiences love and connect to. When I was on stage with the mindset he encouraged, the stupid really flowed in the best possible way, and in practices he'd jump in and give targeted feedback right away, which for me helped a lot more than feedback five or ten minutes later at the end of a scene.


Noah Cohen

Telepathic Care Package (long-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex brings the fun and energy every time!  You can tell his mind is immersed in all things improv 24/7, and he’s adept at clearly communicating his insights and experience to make you a better improviser.


Kevan Keshvadian

ComedySportz (short-form)

Full Disclosure (long-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex is a great improv coach! He approaches things from many different angles which helped scene and skills really click for me. He also strikes the right balance between fun and serious so I felt like I learned a lot, but laughed the whole time.


Nathan Jackson

ComedySportz (short-form)

Full Disclosure (long-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex is an exceptional teacher and person. He can simultaneously give feedback while empowering you.  I not only learned but I never felt my confidence waiver and I credit him because of his kind and supportive style of instruction.  His artistic mind is amazing and it’s obvious that he loves this art form. He’s an absolute gold mine of knowledge and perceptiveness.  I have spent many precious hours beIng mentored by Alex and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Shereen Morse, MD

ComedySportz (short-form)

Full Disclosure (long-form)

Seattle, WA


Alex Grindeland is a tour de force when it comes to teaching improv. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and is a great communicator to extract every bit of funny out of a moment or situation. I have been under his tutelage for many years and would highly recommend him. Plus, you will laugh and have a good time.


Kevin Lyons

ComedySportz (short-form)

About our teambuilding


"Everything was fantastic! Dave did an incredible job. Our team had a great time, and I can still see the positive impact as we bring what we learned into the workplace."


   -Stacy W, Evidence Based Treatment Centers, January 2020


"The Improv session was fun and extremely transferable to the sales environment. This should be pitched to more corporate sales offices!"


   -Justin D, The Hershey Company, October 2019


"Dave facilitated a fantastic team experience!!! I heard feedback from multiple teammates stating that this activity was amongst the best they’d experienced. I found Dave to be professional, and the kind of presenter I aspire to be. I was particularly impressed by how he was able to make each exercise relevant to our job experience."


   -Jeff M, The Hershey Company, October 2019  


"Dave did his homework and provided our team with the most fun and educational team building event we have had to-date. Dave curated the improv exercises directly to our team's unique structure and needs. The activities focused on team bonding and brought even the shyest team members out of their shells to have a good time. I highly recommend this to any team who wants to spice up their basic team workshops with some fun and educational entertainment".


   -Ryan U, Amazon, September 19, 2019


“Our cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I am so glad we had these folks out for our event! They did an awesome job, we had a group of about 40 people and everyone could participate and had a great time :)”


   -Nikki Baker, Washington State Patrol Budgeting and Fiscal Services


"Perfect experience for our team; it was a fun and different way to work on our communication and presentation skills. Not sitting around a meeting table listening to people talk but going through Dave's ridiculous exercises was a creative and refreshing way to improve our skills as a team. We loved this experience!"


   -Jane M, Mountain Safety Research


“They provided an excellent team-building event for our national conference attendees in our hotel conference area. With little work on my part to coordinate this event, their crew arrived and provided an extremely fun and energetic set of activities. The activities were inclusive and not overly burdensome to those introverts in our group. These guys were fun and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to any group, large or small. They also provided an evening show during our conference reception. Based on our request to ensure the material was appropriate for our business/professional group, they again provided a fantastic show for us. It truly was amazing what this troupe can do! The feedback from the conference participants overwhelmingly listed the their events as “excellent” and the teambuilding was regarded as very valuable as a way for people to get to know each other.”


   -Tim Adamczak, Alyeska Pipeline Company


“Josh and Dave did a great job encouraging participation and keeping everyone engaged during our workshop.”


   -Becky Bartlein, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


“Great experience for our company workshop. Dave promised it to be entertaining, educational and unforgettable and it was all that and more!”


   -Amber James, Stokes Action Group

About our private events


"The Facility Administrator at our office attended a live improv show at First Coast Comedy, and absolutely loved it!  She suggested bringing them to our office for our Holiday work party. Dave was so easy to work with and get everything set up. Three hilarious improv comedians came to our location and performed for an hour. They not only had us rolling on the ground laughing, but a few of us were laughing so hard we cried. They did such a good job of incorporating the team into their show which made us laugh even harder. This was such a good team building event as well as an end of year event. Their team left everyone saying WOW!  That was so awesome! I highly recommend this first-class team for any event!"

    - Leah A., Azura Vascular Care


“First Coast Comedy was exactly what they promised…funny! We booked a private show for our residential community and they had an absolute blast! We will definitely have them back out again!”

    - Maddie D, Julington Creek Plantation


"If you're looking for an unforgettable evening of comedy, look no further than First Coast Comedy. This group is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend them for any private event or function. From start to finish, the entire process of booking this comedy group was incredibly smooth and hassle free. The team was professional, responsive, and eager to help in any way possible. When it comes to talent, First Coast Comedy is truly exceptional. These comedians are some of the most quick-witted and hilarious people I have seen on stage. They have a way of engaging the audience and keeping them laughing from start to finish. Every joke was spot-on and delivery was flawless. The guests at my event absolutely loved the show, and they're still talking about it weeks later. I was thrilled with how well the show was received, and I couldn't have asked for a better entertainment experience. If you're looking for a comedy group that delivers top notch talent and professionalism, you can't go wrong with First Coast Comedy. They're the best in the business, and I can't wait to book them again for another event!"

    - Marcy P. - eTown Community Manager


"We had the pleasure of working with First Coast Comedy for an Improv Class and Show at The Island Theater in Fleming Island. The class was informative and fun for all ages that attended. If you enjoy comedy and improvisation, I would highly recommend First Coast Comedy for classes and, of course, wonderful shows."

     - Don Massenzio - Board of Directors, The Island Theater, Fleming Island, FL


"It was an amazing experience from start to finish. Very streamlined in the booking process, responsive, polite and the show was off the charts! We had over 200 people and everyone raved about how great the show was!"

     - Brandy L


“We had two comedians come out and entertain us. They were FANTASTIC (on time and professional), explaining what they do and including all of us in a safe and hilarious manner. They even had a couple of us up in front of the group for some games--totally voluntary of course. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I highly recommend!"

     - Cynthia H


“They are super easy to work with, professional, and put on a GREAT show."

    - Joanna M


“LOVED IT. Not only were we in stitches while there, but we found ourselves still LOL'ing over their material. Don't get me started on the value....they could easily charge 5x their rate and would merit every penny. This was by far the best entertainment experience we've outsourced both for the value and also the content."

    - Chris E.


“Absolutely amazing! 10 minutes before the show the power went out but that did not stop them from putting on a great performance. That’s what they do - improv. With no sound system and no lights, we had candles lit and everyone was having the best time. We would definitely have them back again for another event."

    -Maggie P.


I was delighted! It is interactive, smart, fun, and family friendly. Volunteer to go up on stage! It is not scary at all!"

    - Caitlin W.


"They were very nice to work with and the show was SO FUNNY! Loved it. Highly recommend."

    - Andrea W.

About our virtual events


“The MOST FUN I've had all quarantine long. I can't remember the last time that I was able to laugh with a group of people. 10/10 would recommend again.  I didn't realize that I was stressed until after this de-stressing event.”


- Amazon Employee, March 8, 2021



“Was a bit skeptical to how the virtual improv session would work out, but ended up having a really great time and got to meet a lot of new people!”



- Amazon Employee, March 8, 2021


"Our engineering team has been working remotely for the past few weeks so we wanted to find a team building activity that would be fun for everyone, even though we are all in our own homes. Once I reached out about organizing an event, Dave followed up immediately to learn more about our team and what we were looking for. He made it very easy to organize the event. Dave and Alex both facilitated the workshop for the 10 of us, leading us through a number of games and activities. Everyone on our team had a lot of fun - a couple people mentioned that they were apprehensive about improv but ended up loving it. It was a unique experience that helped us get to know each other better while working on team work and communication skills. It was a pleasure to work with CSz Seattle and I'd recommend this to other teams looking for a remote offsite!"


- Winnie Y, Facebook, April 1, 2020